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The law does not necessarily require anybody have documents in place. However, I work with all my clients for the basic estate planning would include a will or power of attorney and a living will. A power of attorney and living will apply during the time when you’re medically alive in some capacity. There are documents to protect you in different ways, and in the case of a living will, they also provide you the opportunity while you’re alive and fully cognizant the opportunity to provide guidance to the medical community should you wind up in a horrific type of situation like if your body is alive and your brain is considered to be deceased.

So now you’re in a situation where your body is lying there being maintained by machinery, but the outcomes are uncertain because you haven’t taken the time to identify and provide guidance to the medical community to how to help you in those circumstances.

With regard to maybe not such a horrific outcome, you can also direct things like organ donation that you would like to allow.

With HIPAA laws in place, once somebody is 18, you’re an adult, and your healthcare information is yours, it doesn’t belong to anybody else. Parents believe that they’re my child, I still have the right to know what’s going on with them, and unfortunately, if you don’t have the proper authorizations in place, you don’t have the ability to do that ,and that can be very frustrating because there’s nobody named. So that’s where just doing the three basic documents for estate planning that I advocate for protects you and gives you some comfort along these lines

So from that standpoint, I would advocate that even an 18-years old, those are documents that folks should be contemplating and getting in place just in case those circumstances happen.

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