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Estate planning is one of the inescapable necessities of life. If you don’t plan your estate, it does not go away; someone else is forced to deal with the requirements of winding up a person’s affairs and completing the probate process. However, by setting up an estate plan now, you can benefit today, and your heirs will be thankful and will experience less stress upon your passing.

What Do You Need In Your Estate Plan?

At North Star Legal Services, LLC, we understand the types of estate planning tools that are useful for most people. You may need a straightforward will, a power of attorney, and a health care directive. If you own a business, you may need more sophisticated instruments, such as trusts, as well as assistance in determining if your business’s organizational form is optimal for your situation.

Have A Plan? Keep It Up-To-Date!

Estate planning has affected many aspects of your life, and even after creating a plan, it is essential that you keep it updated. If you look back on your life and circumstance during the last 10 or 20 years, you probably can see how a plan that was ideal then may not be ideal today.

In addition to changes in your life circumstances, estate and tax laws can change regularly, and failing to keep your estate plan current can damage your goals and frustrate elements of your plan.

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Estate Planning Is Not As Easy As It Looks

You may be tempted to print a will off the internet and think you have a valid Pennsylvania estate plan that will accomplish your goals. While some concepts are relatively simple, it can be easy to overlook items, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. Statutes are notoriously difficult to read and may not mean what you think they mean. Courts may have interpreted them, and some may need to be read together to get the full meaning or requirements.

Our attorney has worked on numerous estate plans and knows what to look for and where problems often occur. Saving money on drafting an estate plan is no savings if the plan does not work or your heirs have to hire lawyers during probate to sort out a defective plan, one that is missing pieces or that creates confusion and litigation.

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