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Where Can I Get Copies Of Documents Of My Real Estate Purchase?

For copies of real estate purchase documents in Pennsylvania, you can go to the County Recorder of Deeds office. Most of these documents are available electronically, at least back to a certain date. All of the deeds would be searched, and the chain of title would be substantiated in a title search that you might have a title company or attorney perform.

The deed will show the following:

  • Who owns the property
  • The illegal description of the property that pertains to that deed
  • Any easements, right of way, or the like may be recorded with the deed and run with the property

For instance, you may have a neighbor that’s landlocked behind you, but the current owner, for some money or agreement, gave that landlocked owner a right of way or an easement across the property that they own. It could be a 20-foot-wide strip of land, like a driveway, which runs through the property that a buyer may consider purchasing.

This could become a problem if the buyer thought, “that spot is where we wanted to put our swimming pool!” In this case, when the current owner values the property for the purposes that the buyer has for the property, it may not be very valuable because the buyer’s plans are already altered. At best, an existing easement will only be found by and through the Recorder of Deeds records. Buyers may also see a subdivision’s covenants and deed restrictions apply to the property.

Deed records are essential for argument’s sake. If you’re buying a larger piece of property and you want to ride four-wheelers or motorcycles around it. But then, you find out that motorcycles or four-wheelers are prohibited because it’s possible that the community doesn’t allow gas engines for anything other than a car.

If you purchase the property and then find out about the restriction, you’ll realize you’re already violating the deed restrictions or covenants that run with the land and the property you already bought. Now you’re in a property where you can’t do what you wanted! All of this is avoidable if proper research is done upfront, that way, you will know if anything like covenants or restrictions are present against that property. This way, you can make an educated decision before purchasing.

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